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Go Wireless Pakistan offers Exclusive Wireless ISP setup which covers 6 KM radius. If you do not have access to broadband internet in a certain location, this is your chance to enter Broadband service provision and earn a very descent income. Our high quality units work 24x7 wit no down time like some of the other ISP equipment in market. Our outdoor units, each has the capacity to handle 254 concurrent users. Like any other professional ISP, you will have the ability to manage clients in different ways, you can control bandwidth of the individual clients by IP address or Mac address. You can chose from a number of security ops to avoid unauthorized access to your network. Client premises equipment that Go Wireless provides is specially designed for CPE which also works 24x7 without any down time. With extended range, this unit provides connectivity up to 5 kilometers with speeds of up to 54Mbps. Your clients are not bothered with any dial-up connections, they simply have to power on the PC and start surfing right away.

Working of the Wifi System and cache server

Outdoor unit

Wifi system works in line of site and covers from 3 Kilometers in radius. The signals are thrown in all the four directions. The main outdoor unit that Go Wireless provides can handle up to 400 users at a time. The unit works in up to 80 degree centigrade and down to minus 30 degree centigrade. The equipment is fully professional and specially designed for Wireless ISPs.
The main outdoor unit is installed on a pole along with the 2 antennas (180 degree each) which cover 360 degree (all four directions). After the power is supplied, the equipment starts working and broadcasts signals right away. Wifi Unit comes with the complete bandwidth management system, which gives you the ability to control the speed of the clients and create different packages, like student and corporate etc.

CPE (Client premises equipment)

A specially designed high gain antenna is provided for the client end (CPE) which connects with the main tower and a cable is fixed in the clients PC, and the PC starts getting the internet from the main unit.
A DSL connection for the internet backbone is required for this purpose. 4Mbps is enough for 50 users.

Cache server

A cache server plays the most important role in the establishment of the Wireless ISP, Go Wireless uses linux based cache server which can't be infected with the virus and increases the speed up to 50x. When a client requests a website, Cache server while downloading the website from the internet, saves it in its hard disk, if the same website is requested again by the same client or any other client, cache server checks its database, if the website is available, it doesn't connect to the internet and displays the website on the client's PC in a second. Cache server updates all the database of websites in off peak hours, so every time a website is requested, client gets the fresh and updated website.

FTP server

FTP server with 1TB hard drive allows you to add content to it and make it available to the clients using a specified URL. Users can download any kind of software, movies, songs etc right from your server, without even accessing the internet, plays the role to save your bandwidth.

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